4 ways to find electrical products supplier in China.

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2020 is really a tough and challenging year for all of us throughout the world. Many companies are not talking about the question of profit, and the main objective is just to survive according to the coronavirus. Everyone is trying their best to turn a potential disaster into a lucky development. So as the oversea customers, it is a big problem to get the suppliers in China.

How to find reliable suppliers of manufacturers in China is the main step to begin your business. For example, you are a wholesaler of electrical products overseas and want to import these products, first, you should know the countries where take the most percentage of the manufacturers, and then consider how to find one.

Here will introduce several ways to help you find manufacturers in China.

Canton Fair( traditional and online)

China Import and Export Fair, also known as Guangzhou Fair, or Canton Fair, formerly known as China Export Commodities Fair, is a comprehensive international trade fair jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and undertaken by China Foreign Trade Center, which has the reputation of “China’s No. 1 Fair” and is also known as the “wind vane” and “barometer” of China’s foreign trade. It is also known as the “weather vane” and “barometer” of China’s foreign trade. Founded in the spring of 1957, it is the largest and most effective international trade fair in mainland China. It is held annually in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in spring and autumn.

The first phase of products: electronics and home appliances, vehicles and accessories, lighting, chemical products, hardware and tools, machinery, building materials, etc.

The second phase of products: consumer goods, gifts, home decorations, etc.

Phase III products: office, bags and leisure products, food, medicine, and health care, shoes, textiles, and garments, etc.

Carton Fair

But under the influence of the coronavirus., the traditional Canton Fair turned into an online network Canton Fair, and all the companies became small live rooms, and the salesmen became live personnel. Overseas buyers can find suitable manufacturers according to the website tips, and leave their contact information online. The time of the Online Canton Fair is also synchronized with the traditional one, you can register your company or personal confidence according to the website index, https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/, and enter the keywords of the products you want to purchase in the search bar and choose the company you want to see. Or you can enter its live broadcast directly according to the QR code given to you by the manufacturers.

With the development of the network era, the popularity of online live, more and more international e-commerce companies use this way to attract customers, as the same overseas buyers can also pay attention to the online platform to find the right manufacturer for them, but anyway there are pros and cons, compared with the traditional Canton Fair, customers can not communicate and coordinate with manufacturers face-to-face, but also can not contact the quality of the products on the ground, but this is not a bad way to find suppliers on the environment of the serious spread of the global coronavirus.

Online carton fair

Alibaba.com search

As the world’s largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platform, Alibaba International Station logistics has covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world. You could find whatever you want on this web and choose a suitable supplier.

About how to search about alibaba.com, some guides will give as follows:

If you want to purchase the circuit breaker, just type the keywords on the search line, and all results will come out. You could make the ranking your choice, according to the best match, or the response rate, or others. Entering one page of a supplier, you could get more information about the supplier. For example, it is a trader or a manufacturer and how many workers, and mode details. If you are interested in one supplier, just contact me online or send emails. Or you could search directly for one company you have known before.

For another way, you could release purchase information, where suppliers will see in their RFQ market to choose the corresponding products to quote.

search on Alibaba

But to choose a reliable supplier is hard-working. There are so many manufactures of electrical products in China. You could search for experienced suppliers by checking their trade records, and their main customers, and could also recommended to seek out Gold Supplier members, which have been verified by Alibaba. You could use Alibaba to compare the price of the products, but the last is according to the material of the products. As the saying The practice makes perfect. Hope you could find a good supplier in China.

Search Engine

60.7% of overseas purchases use search engines to find suppliers. Among them, Google is recognized as the number one search engine. Just type in the information of the products you want in Google, and Google will recommend the content that suits your needs. For example, if you want to purchase circuit breakers, you only need to enter: circuit breaker manufacturers in China and you will find a lot of corresponding manufacturer information.

search on google

Social Media Search

For 14.16% of overseas purchases search for suppliers through social media. Among them, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are the main social media channels. You could search the keywords and find the users. The Chinese users always put their products on their home page.



Overall, there are many ways to find suppliers in China, except these ways, we could also use other B2B websites such as those made in china to find suppliers. The most important is to choose one that suits your needs and for a long-term relationship. Anyway, you could choose one way according to your time and budget. But at least one year could not go overseas as the spread of the coronavirus. Everybody who looks at my article please take care and hope one day, we will have the opportunity to do business.


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