How to select a circuit breaker and how does it work?

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What Are Circuit Breakers?

The dz47s-63 series circuit breaker is used in lighting distribution system or motor distribution system for protecting overload and short-circuit in the system. The product is novel in structure light in weight, reliable, and excellent in performance. It has high breaking capacity, can trip quickly and its installation uses with a guide, its case, and items are adopted with high fire-resistant and shockproof plastics. The product, with long life, is mainly used in AC 50HZ/60HZ single-pole 230v or two, three, four-pole 400V circuit for overload and short-circuit protection as well as for unfrequent on and off switching electric equipment and lighting circuit in normal case. The product complies with GB10963JEC898.BS3871

DZ47S-63 4P

Components of the Circuit Breaker(attached our picture)

Usually the circuit breaker are installed by the parts as below:

Outer parts: shell and base

Firstly, the shell and base for the outer parts, this model material is PA66, this material has high flame retardant. Many non-flame retardant materials used in the market. Will absorb water and deform, poor performance once being used period time. 

Rivets parts

Under the shell are the rivet parts. You can see a series of instruments on the right, like U link roller pin and so on.

Fixed and moving contacts

Next, we see the fixed contact. About the fixed and moving contacts are the most important part of the circuit breaker, the material is usually copper, and the contact uses silverpoint. But on the electric market, many other factories make this use the brass material Quality is definitely worse than ours, so the corresponding price is definitely cheaper than ours. As you know different prices, different quality.

Arc striking, the material is copper-plated iron, to lead the high current to the arc extinguishing chamber to prevent the MCB burning.

The moving contact on the right is made of copper. And the coil is 4*2.5*2 braiding wire (multiply). This is the Best quality on the market.

Other parts on circuit breaker

On the bottom are the bimetallic strip and large bracket. The function of the bimetallic strip is to sense temperature. The overload sensitivity is very good.

Looking at the connection terminals and wiring screws on the left side,

This is clip, handle, lock catch, and trip button. The lever material is PA46,

The iron core, apparently, we use iron material. While on the market some factory use many alloy copper or plastics replace iron, apparently, the different quality, the different price, so if you want to purchase any electrical products from China, it’s not about the price, there are cheaper and cheaper products on the market, the most important thing is to check the quality to distingush the price.

About the arc extinguishing chamber is usually be 0.8, and the qty for 9 pieces.

Components of Mini Circuit Breaker
Installing of the Circuit Breaker

How Circuit Breakers Work

Household electricity is always defined by three characteristics:

Voltage (V)

Resistance (R)

Current (I)

Circuit breakers are widely used in household service panel and the industrial areas, the household service panel will connect to the power supply and then make the electricity to every circuit breakers in your house.

The circuit breakers are having a toggle handle that could make your safety and use the circuit breaker on/off easily and also the circuit breakers could not turn on freely by themselves, and on the conditions while the circuit breaker tripped. The circuit breaker will turn off to protect the household device.


The circuit breakers are very safe for use at the basic that you choose the right products, as you know, the price arranging from $0.21 to $0.7 on the market for your choice. The safety is to choose better quality.

This is all for you, hope that could help you to make purchase decision on circuit breakers.

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