The Production Line/Process of Circuit Breaker

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The introduction of the production line of the circuit breaker

The circuit breaker production line is the route constituted by a series of production line activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection starting from the entry of circuit breaker raw materials into the production site, which is called the circuit breaker production line.

The circuit breaker production line can be divided into automatic circuit breaker production line and lean production line according to the degree of automation; divided into miniature/small circuit breaker production line, leakage circuit breaker production line, molded case circuit breaker production line, universal circuit breaker production line and so on according to the type of circuit breaker; divided into the packaging production line, riveting production line, instantaneous detection production line (DC/AC), full/semi-automatic delayed detection production line, riveting production line, pad printing production line (multi-color overprinting), coding production line, assembly production line and so on according to the circuit breaker process.

Because of the circuit breaker process route and the proportion of labor in the working process, the circuit breaker production line must have the necessary machinery and equipment to complete the processing tasks, so that man and machine can complement each other in the working. The circuit breaker production line is highly flexible. It can adapt to the production of various types of products from 1P to NP. In the absence of a fully automatic circuit breaker production line, a lean production line in a circuit breaker production line is a more scientific and practical way of production management. For enterprises with single product mass production, the use of the circuit breaker production line, especially the lean production line, can achieve the effect of improving product consistency and product quality, enhancing production efficiency, reducing production costs, shortening the production cycle, and ensuring balanced production. At the same time, the production line can make the workshop much more beautiful and environmentally.

Circuit Breaker Production Process

Preparation Phase

1. Take technical drawings and circuit breaker order configurations

2. Pick up raw materials for production from the warehouse department according to the technical list.

3.Check the mechanism for defects and other missing parts.


Components of Circuit Breaker

Production and Assembly Stage

1. Test and take note of the pressure of insulated ties.

2. assemble conductive clips and flexible connections

3. connect the vacuum interrupter chamber insulation rod, installing the conductive clips and the bracket, and taking note of the number of the interrupter chamber

4. assemble the insulating cylinder and to ensure that it is perpendicular to the mechanism.

5) Install the connected vacuum interrupter into the insulating cylinder.

6. Attach the bracket and the upper and lower outlet standoffs, and the lower outlet standoff screws (must be tightened, one of the key factors affecting the circuit resistance).

7. Assemble the contact walls, sheaths, and plum contacts.

8. Assemble of chassis secondary circuit leads

the assemble of circuit breaker

The preparation phase is the basic part of the production line, all the workers should check the material seriously and ensure no faulty in the next step.

On our side, we should practice the workers on the installing of the circuit breaker to make less or no faulty products.

Commissioning testing phase

1. Debug the mechanical characteristics of the circuit breaker according to the technical requirements, firstly debug under the closing condition: contact opening distance, over-traveling, closing bounce time, closing different time, average closing speed, closing time. When the mechanical characteristics of the closing gate are stabilized, then debug the mechanical characteristics of the opening gate: opening time, opening different time, average opening speed, opening bounce amplitude. And make the relevant debugging records.

2. Test the main circuit resistance

3. commissioning the mechanism for 50 trial runs of the closing and opening gates.

4. test the mechanical characteristics after the trial run to see if there are large deviations from the original test data, analyze the data, and adjust the mechanical characteristics.

5. assemble the circuit breaker mechanism, take notice of the effective installation of the interlocking mechanism.

6. energized to detect whether the circuit breaker can be opened and closed normally in the test and working position, whether the latching and mechanical interlocking are effective, and whether the under-voltage function can be realized.

The profermonce test of cuiruit breaker

The jump button test of circuit breaker

The outer meter test of circuit breaker

The testing phase is the most essential part of the production line. And in other words, we take the most emphasis on quality. It is about the safety of our customer and the Credibility of our company. We have taken the quality in strictly controlling.

Finished product appearance stage

1. Pad printing

2. Packaging

The pad printing of circuit breaker

This is the entire process of the production line of the circuit breaker. With the increasingly high-performance requirements on the current market, the products have more and more stringent standards for breaking capacity, life, reliability. One point is that we should make our machine replacement, which could improve efficiency and reduce error rates. and another point is to control the quality process to ensure the safety of our customers.

Hopeful this could make your purchase decision in China market about the circuit breakers.

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