Something you should know about the industrial plug and socket.

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Introduction of Industrial plug and socket

Industrial plugs are suitable for use in industry and are generally divided into 3-pole, 4-pole, 5-pole, etc. The current is generally divided into 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 250A, 420A, etc. The protection level can be divided into IP44, IP67, etc. about the working voltage, usually, we have a different color to distinguish the voltage, the normal voltage divide into 4 parts. The small voltage 40-45V always be purple, the yellow one for 110-130V, Blue for 230-415V and Red for 230-415V, the black for 500V, Also Different socket types are available for you, such as straight type, angled type, wall-mounted type and panel mounted type, Generally, they are used in conjunction with industrial sockets and industrial connectors.

The difference between exposed and concealed industrial plugs

Industrial plugs and sockets are widely used as a kind of connector for industrial cable connection, and the products are divided into plugs, sockets and connectors.

The surface mounted industrial plugs and sockets are installed openly and concealed without the complicated steps of drilling and inlaying, directly fixing the product with mounting screws to the location where it needs to be installed. The structure of the surface mounted industrial connector has a base for installation, and the internal part, there are cable clamps for cable fixing and PE insulation cap for protection at the outlet.

Concealed industrial plugs, which are mounted to the main body of the cabinet, using the internal wire into the installation of the product and which make the overall appearance and the wire clean and beautiful. The structure is similar to that of the surface mount, but there’s no back base, which makes more clear.

Both types of installation have the same electrical performance, the same voltage and current, and the same wiring method, but the biggest difference is the aesthetic appearance.

Exposed industrial plug
Concealed Industrial Plug

Installation Method of Industrial Plug

The following four points describe the correct installation method

1.-First of all, you need to make sure that all the accessories and concealed installation tools of the product are complete.

2.-Generally, the industrial sockets are disassembled and few are fixed with screws and you should put the screws into the four corner holes of the sockets and confirm the location of the product.

3.-then install the method specified by the manufacturer to connect the power line to the industrial outlet and apply a waterproof connector, you should follow the wiring method to make sure the installation successfully.

4.- After the line connection is complete, you need to fix the other part of it with screws in combination with the use of plastic screws or other types of screws to fix the two parts, if it is some special environment in the use of industrial sockets can be installed screw hole plug so that largely avoid the screws from the erosion of other substances.

Installion of industrial plug box

Problems that may happen during the installation of industrial plugs

I. Inappropriate cable selection 

The cable jackets for plugs and sockets with different current ratings can only fit a certain range of cable diameters. If the diameter of the cable is too small, the gap will not be sealed, and as a result, it will not be dustproof and waterproof. Especially outdoors, rainwater may seep into the interior along the cable, affecting the insulation and making it easy to leak or short-circuit.

2. Cable stripping too long 

If the cable skin is peeled too long, it is not the cable skin but several cores that are subjected to the clamp. This can easily damage the wire or make the clamp tight. If the cable is pulled off, light power failure, and in severe cases, short circuit. At the same time, there are several cores passing through the cable jacket, which cannot be sealed. There are also multiple wires or cables with multiple people through the wiring, can also produce the same problem. By the same token, plugs and connectors must be wired with the diameter of the cable, can not just find a few single-core wire instead! 

3. Terminal screws are not tightly fastened. 

The connection between the plug or sleeve and the cable is locked by the terminal screw, if you do not pay attention, the screw is not tight, it is easy to produce a jump or make the plug and wire contact resistance increases, the terminal is hot, serious damage to the plug and socket. 

4. Solid screw locking is not tight 

During the process of disassembling and putting back together the plug and socket, especially the parts that are under pressure when plugged in, such as the latch holder and plug shell, the socket holder and the socket’s back seat are not locked tightly, and the dialing process is easy to loosen or pull off, or even cause damage to the screw holes. 

5. The cable seal is not installed properly 

Forgetting to put the cable seals back on after unplugging, or failing to tighten the cable gland, can result in poor dust and water resistance. 

How to choose the right industrial plug and socket

There are different requirements for the configuration of industrial plugs and sockets and couplers in different situations and environments. You can choose according to the purpose, working environment, size, appearance, installation form, function, etc. Only the correct choice of product can ensure safe and reasonable use. Only the correct product selection can ensure safe and reasonable use.

The industrial and socket Plugs

I. The wiring line to be used

 (1) Sockets to be used on power lines should have covers to prevent electric shock. For example, you can find various power outlets and power outlet boxes in the factory floor.

(2) between the cables, equipment, appliances and people to plug the power socket, etc., must use connectors. The connector is suitable for connecting to the end of the power line and has a cover to prevent electric shock.

(3) In the receiving line, as the input interface of electrical equipment or connected to the receiving power cable, you must choose a plug or apparatus input socket.

2.- the working environment

1. Protection performance IP44 and IP67 options.

(1) Under general environmental conditions, such as a normal workshop IP44 already meets the requirements.

IP44 protection Industrial plug box

(2) In harsher environments or places where there is a possibility of being immersed in water, such as some special working environments, the requirements for protection performance are higher, and IP67 must be used in order to meet the standard.

IP67 protection degree Industrial Plug and Socket

2. Enclosure protection material

      (1) Plastic. The general workplace can be satisfied.

Plastic Shell

      (2)Rubber. Black rubber plugs and sockets are required for special working environments such as coal mines.

Rubber Tail shell

      (3)Aluminum alloy. In some high temperature or other special environment need to use aluminum alloy shell.

3.-Installation form

1. Choose between exposed or concealed installation

Whether to use concealed or open installation of sockets can be chosen from the workplace or installation location, or according to the equipment and site conditions, the premise is to consider safety.

Concealed sockets are fixed to the panel and require a hole to be opened for installation. The flush-mounted type is suitable for installation on distribution boxes or panels.

Flush mounted sockets are fixed to the wall, panel or bracket, the wiring is on the outside, the mounting position can be changed, and it is easy to install and dismantle. In addition, receptacles with connection boxes are available if there is a parallel connection of power supplies. The box has a certain height, with terminal blocks inside and outlet and manholes on the side.

There are other options, such as choosing according to function, choosing according to voltage, current, and frequency, choosing according to appearance, etc. Only by choosing the right product can we ensure safety and that no problems will occur during the installation and use of the product.

exposed Industrial Plug
concealed Industrial plug


There are various choices of industrial plugs and sockets, and we can use different products for different environments and ways. We hope this article will give some hints to the customers who choose industrial plugs and sockets.

The function of Industrial plug and Socket

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