The difference between mini circuit breaker and isolating switch

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Hydroelectric installations are always at the forefront of the home improvement process, which shows their importance to home improvement. If there is a problem with the circuits in the home, the light will affect the life of the family, and the heavy will bring immeasurable consequences.

Micro-breaker is the abbreviation of the mini circuit breaker. It is the most widely used terminal protection appliance in building electrical terminal distribution devices. With short circuit protection: fire and zero line contact, the instantaneous current are very large, circuit breaker tripping. Overload protection: that is, the current used exceeds the rated current of the appliance, and the circuit breaker trips.

The main feature of the isolating switch is that there is no arc extinguishing ability, and the circuit can only be divided and closed without a load current. The disconnect switch is used to change the circuit connection or to isolate the line or device from the power supply, it has no current interruption ability, and can only be disconnected with other equipment before operation. The disconnector can make the equipment working on the power failure reliably isolated from the live part, that is, it has a clear disconnect point to ensure the safety of the staff.

air switch

The difference between mini circuit breaker and isolating switch

1, the ability to block the current is different: the general circuit breaker can withstand the load and the short circuit current is larger.

2, the difference between supporting equipment: generally compared to the empty opening to talk about the measurement of circuit breakers, logic and execution of the mechanism of the supporting equipment is more complex.

3, the difference in voltage level: the general air switch is suitable for the voltage level of 500V or less, and the circuit breaker can usually be applied to the voltage level above 220V. 4, the difference between the arc extinguishing medium and the way: the arc extinguishing medium and method of the circuit breaker not only have air circuit breakers but also vacuum circuit breakers, multi-oil circuit breakers, fewer oil circuit breakers, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers, etc.

The inner part of the difference


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