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With the implementation of smart grid, infrastructure construction, investment in the manufacturing industry, and the development of new energy industry, the demand of China’s low-voltage distribution cabinet market is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more new types.

Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment commonly known as low-voltage switchgear, also known as low-voltage distribution cabinet, refers to the AC and DC voltage in the following 1000V complete sets of electrical devices.

The rated current of the low-voltage distribution cabinet is AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380v power distribution system for power, lighting, and distribution of electrical energy conversion and control purposes. The product has the characteristics of strong breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme lead, convenient combination, series, practicality, novel structure, etc.

The usage and function of the meter box

The meter box is divided into the plastic material, and tin material, it can be fixed directly on the wall, or overhead installation. Relatively speaking, it is safer, and its working principle is to assemble on the metal cabinet according to the electrical wiring method, which constitutes the low-voltage distribution equipment and can connect or block the circuit under the normal operation.

The plastic shell
The tin shell

The main purpose of the meter box is to facilitate the management of the electrician in the event of a failure to overhaul and also to facilitate the delivery of electricity, the most important thing is the safety, and will also play the effect of calculating the number of meters. This electrical energy metering box, is in line with national standards, from design to materials. The box is made of high-strength, non-aging materials, and also anti-UV, rain impact, and also looks relatively flat.

The distribution cabinet are often seen and plays an important role in our lives. But how much you know about the benefit and advantages.

First, the thin and light quality of the meter box

The meter boxes are often installed in various residential areas and are generally used to measure the electricity consumption of households in the community. Most of the traditional electricity boxes are heavy, troublesome to install, and have more wiring, which is also more dangerous.

The emergence of the meter box is a good solution to these problems. The main production material of the box is PVC material, which is very light. So as the meter box, when installed on the wall, seems very convenient, and do not worry about falling when installed on the wall.

Second, the high technology of the meter box

The meter box is a product of high-tech, high technology content, Before the emergence of the meter box, the electricity boxes are connected in series in the rural or community households, which will appear a circuit failure, resulting in power outages in the whole village or community.

So the households can use electricity without interfering with each other with the emergence of the meter boxes, and a circuit failure will not happen by the entire community. Therefore, in recent years, the meter box is widespread in the community and rural areas.

The selection of the meter box

There are many types of meter boxes, usually divided into ordinary meter boxes, FRP type meter boxes, transparent meter boxes, plug-in card type meter boxes, prepaid meter boxes, and so on.

The daily ordinary meter box plays the role of voltage protection in the family; FRP type box is in the upper hand, and has good insulation performance, strong ability to stop burning, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, and other advantages, in case of fire, this material can prevent the happening of the fire, and also has long usage life, many companies and enterprises have started to use this type of the box; The insert card type meter box is more convenient to use and is controlled by people inserting the card, the insulation effect is better, it has corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof performance, this kind of meter box is mainly applicable to schools, That students can charge in the electric card then insert the charged electric card into the meter box, which could strengthen the management of the school’s electricity consumption of students. The transparent meter box is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and flame retardant ABS engineering plastic, with the advantages of aging resistance, small size, lightweight, anti-theft, anti-UV, etc. Transparency is the main characteristics, which can make it more convenient for people to observe the use of electricity and some circuit problems, the setting of this meter box can largely reduce the fire and not only more convenient and also safer than other styles of meter boxes.

The meter box

According to the quality of meter box

1、Observation through appearance

From the appearance of the meter box, we should choose a certain thickness of the shell, the shell should take a certain spraying or other anti-rust treatment, to prevent rain and dust, to facilitate the user to clean and take care of it.

There are some meters and indicators on the outside so that users can understand the internal working status of the equipment through these components, and if there is a fault in operation, you can get a warning through the fault light, so that can be disconnected in time to prevent further expansion of the fault.

2、see whether the internal electrical design is reasonable?

Because the low-voltage distribution cabinet has many units inside, through the reasonable design of these units, it can realize the conversion of electricity and control, then many units should have a reasonable distribution, and not concentrated in one place which could accrue the obstructed of the heat dissipation, but also no scattered, making the size of whole low-voltage distribution cabinet body too large.

3、look at the quality of the basic components?

The interior of the low-voltage distribution cabinet has to be realized through various components before these functions can be realized, When users choose the product, the manufacturer of the distribution cabinet is required to offer the qualified test report,  you could also customize certain brands of electronic components to the manufacturer, if the enterprise user has special needs.

large meter box

According to the environment of applications

About the humidity environment

You should choose the protective type when low-voltage distribution cabinet is in the humid environment with 100% humidity and the environment containing corrosive chemical components in the air, and choose the open type when

in the degree less than 75%, and no dust, no corrosive liquid and gas or water vapor, no flammable substances in the less dangerous environment,

About the firefighting environment

Low-voltage distribution cabinet in the presence of combustible liquids and particles, floating accumulation of dust, combustible fibers in the level of H1 level, H2 level of key firefighting environment, it should be used dust-proof type; in the presence of solid flammable goods H3 level of firefighting environment,  the protection type should be chosen; in the dust environment, it is necessary to choose dust-proof type distribution box.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the IP protection level of low-voltage distribution cabinet, whether there is a dustproof and waterproof function, and in some special environments, it is even necessary to consider the waterproof function.

The matters should be noticed when using meter box

Firstly you should distinguish the fire and zero wires, and then disconnect the power supply and then wiring holes, be sure to pay attention to your safety before operating to prevent the possibility of electrocution, please do not use water-soaked hands to touch the meter and can not be installed in a humid environment, which will reduce the life of the meter box, but also prone to the risk of electrocution.

Therefore, in the process of using the control box, you should pay attention to the following matters.

meter box

Do pre-experiment

Before installation, it is necessary to deal with the wiring connection of the equipment, and adjust the relay in advance and preset a proper current flow range to prevent the instantaneous overload phenomenon after connection. In addition, after the installation of the control box, you should be more careful about the trial use. debugging the transformer slowly, and ensure the operation process is rigorous,  the meter box should only be put into use after the successful trial use and qualified testing.


The proper wiring

For a variety of electrical equipment, wiring is a very critical link. In the control box installation process need to choose the appropriate, and product specifications of the same power cord, it is best to use special wiring, which can greatly improve safety.

 keep grounding

Electrical appliances need to pay attention to grounding issues during use, exporting the current from the firewire to prevent the risk of electric shock.  in the process of use, the power cord needs to be inserted into the three-port plug to ensure grounding, the box shell part also has grounding requirements.


With the rapid social development, the meter box is widely used over the world. But how to choose the right one and how to distinguish the quality is deep knowledge. Everyone should know something about the meter box as the important role in our lives.

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