The introduction of Fachine Group

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(Last Updated On: 2021年8月6日)

Wenzhou Fachine Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, has been focusing on the deep processing of copper materials, with 300 employees, 210 sets of advanced automation equipment, and various kinds of precision stamping die design and production capabilities. Among them, the annual output of molded case circuit breaker series copper and iron accessories is 5 million sets, the annual output of enameled wire is 3,000 tons, the annual output of electric brush wire is 1,200 tons, and the annual sales amount is more than 500 million yuan.
We adhere to form a complete set of intelligent manufacturing production as its main business, standard management, In the quality policy guidance “to provide customers with satisfactory products and quality service, to become an excellent supplier”, has established the effective quality assurance system, to do first-class supplier, positive social responsibility, in the process of development of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and create a better future!


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