The reasons and solutions caused tripping in the electric line

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A brief introduction of the tripping in the distribution box

Whether in factories, or normal household, you could see the distribution box, which can conveyor the electricity to each electricity area stably, but for the long-term use of the equipment, everyone should know the phenomenon of tripping, the tripping of the distribution box is really annoying to the people who have encountered. When you are drying your hair, the electricity tripped, when you are having your dinner, the power is off caused by tripping.

There are many reasons that trigger the equipment to the trip, and only by finding the root cause can we give targeted solutions.

Usually, the air switch tripping and leakage switch tripping are the normally tripping, you know, when the electricity accidents happened in the household, the distribution box equipped with leakage protector, is the first line of defense to ensure the safety of your life and property and also also the last line of defense, so it is important to find the reasons of tripping and make the solutions.

the distribution box with leakage and air circuit breaker

The tripping caused by the leakage of electricity.

Leakage Tripping characteristic: tripping immediately after closing the

switch, or maybe tripping irregularly. But the leakage indication button must pop up due to the tripping, or the color of display changes.

After the tripping, we could look at the appearance of the circuit breaker, and if the surface of the reset button protrudes, it proves that the trip is caused by leakage or other reasons caused by the tripping.

the leakage circuit breaker

The causes and solutions of power leakage.

1. the leakage of the wiring line

The leakage of the wiring line, which caused by the broken insulation skin of the wire, is necessary due to the broken fire line or zero line, if the grounding line is broken, it will not trigger the trip.

To determine whether the fire line or zero lines is broken, you can unplug all the outlets in the circuit, observe whether the line is still tripped, if so, that is the fire line; While if not tripped on this condition, and tripped when plugging in any one appliance, that is the zero line.

In this case, you could find professional tools to investigate, or just remove the wire joint and check once when each joint. To solve the line leakage, the only could you do is to find the leakage line, and then replace it with a new wire.

2. the leakage of electricity equipment

the leakage of electrical equipment is the most common situation in our life, after all, the wire will not be broken generally as buried in the wall.

If you unplug the electrical appliances, and no tripping happens, which could prove out that the faulty occurred by the internal leakage of electrical appliances, this is often occurring in the air conditioning circuit. If the grounding device inside the air conditioner is faulty, it is easy to generate leakage current in the line, thus triggering a trip. To identify whether the trip is caused by leakage of electricity from electrical equipment, you can unplug this appliance (not turn it off, but unplug it) and close it again to see if it still trips.

To solve this problem, you just need to repair the leaky electrical appliances.

The tripping caused by the tripping of air switch

short circuit tripping: short circuit, meaning that when the zero wire contact with firewire, the current did not pass through any electrical appliances. Short circuit and overload are very similar, are manifested as a circuit breaker tripped, but we can distinguish between overload or short circuit by the following methods: trip immediately after closing the trip is a short circuit, and after closing for a while to trip, or irregular tripping, is an overloaded circuit.

The main reasons that will cause short circuit tripping are: line short circuit and electrical short circuit, the reasons and solutions are basically same as the leakage, you could in accordance with the above program to solve the short circuit.

circuit breaker

The tripping caused by the selection of air switch

While the users change the circuit during the renovation but did not replace the circuit breaker, or in order to save development costs, some developers choose the small amperes instead of large amperes circuit breakers, so if the high-power appliances drive-by users, will inevitably cause circuit overload and tripping. So replace the tripping circuit breaker with a high amperage circuit breaker, such as the C16 instead for the only choice.

Tripping caused by overvoltage or Undervoltage.

As the increase of the Undervoltage detonator inside the switch to prevent sudden calls to damage the appliance. Many appliances have internal Undervoltage protection devices nowadays, the most obvious is the air conditioner: it will stop running after a power outage, and also will not automatically start running after an incoming call.

About this problem, it is the circuit’s protection device, and no need to solve it. But you could replace the trip switch if it is too much trouble.

Undervoltage protector

Tripping caused by the broken switch

When you have electricity problems at home, the first thought jump to your mind is “the home appliances are broken”, Although it is said that the quality requirements of the circuit breaker can be up to 10 years or more, but in fact, it may also occur damage of the switch.

If the switch is broken and then anything could happen, the most common phenomenon is unexplained and irregular tripping. You can connect other circuit loads to the switch that tripped and see if it still trips. If it still trips, it proves that the switch is broken.

If it is determined that the switch is damaged, just buy a switch of the same size and model to replace it.


In general, the circuit breaker tripping situation seems complicated, but in fact, as long as you can find the cause, it is not difficult to solve. If you have this situation inside your home, do not rush to find a master electrician to repair it, maybe you could solve it by yourself!


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