What is the composition of mould case circuit breaker and how does it work?

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Mould Case Circuit Breaker is a new type of product developed and manufactured by adopting international advanced technology. It is supplied with rated insulation voltage 800V and used for circuit breaker of AC 50HZ, rated operation voltage AC 400V or below rated operation current up to 800A for infrequent changing over and starting of the motors, Equipped with the protection devices for over-current, short circuit, and under-voltage, the products are capable of preventing damage of circuits and supply units. The product conforms to the IEC60947-2 standard.

This type of molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) provides you safety and reliability across the globe in various industries.

They are usually applied in panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, control panels, combination starters, individual enclosures, and bus duct plug-in units.

You could choose from a selection of MCCBs ranging from 10 – 3,000 A, About the frame current ranging from 63-800 for your choice. Rated current from 6-800A is available. The related insulation voltage from 500-690V and working voltage from 400-690V

The electrified operation performance could reach from 500-1500 times while the unelectrified operation performance from 2500-8500 times.

This series of products include four series, the thermal magnetic, the electronic . the residual current operated , and the disconnecter.

all series of the MCCB have seven features, the detail as below,

about feature one all series can work reliably in the temperature range of negative 35 degrees to 70 degrees

feature two the series of MCCB have highly subdivided product frames for your choice than obtaining higher cost performance products

feature 3 that have rich types of trips and can meet the demands in different application occasions that i mentioned before.

feature 4 high braking capacity ensure products to have higher dynamic Stability and thermal stability and impacts produced in heavy current, that could ensure the safety for you.

feature 5 it could fully improve the mechanical life and electrical life and guaranty products higher operating reliability in different service environments.

feature 6 it could adopt the modular design with the internal accessories that can be installed and removed quickly, you could see the accessories, it is clear for us to distinguish.

feature seven it could connest with USB interface realize better human machine interconnection, very easy for you to use.

There are several functions about this type of mccb,

first about the Overload Protection

this function is provided by the MCCB via the temperature sensitive component.

Next is the function for Fault Protection against short circuit currents

The last is About the Electrical Switch for disconnection

In addition to tripping mechanisms, MCCBs can also be used as manual disconnection switches in case of emergency or maintenance operations.

After you buy this MCCB, one improtant thing is to test the prodocut to ensure the quality, thus we have test before delivery.

Usually we have three main test need to do.

one test is the Insulation Resistance Test

The tests should be conducted by disconnecting the MCCB and testing the insulation between the phases and across the supply and load terminals. If the measured insulation resistance is lower than the manufacturer’s recommended insulation resistance value then the MCCB will not be able to provide adequate protection.

the other test is the Contact Resistance

The last is the Tripping Test

This test is conducted by testing the response of the MCCB under simulated overcurrent and fault conditions.

How many ones have seen the inner part of the mccb, there is a big difference in the price is according to the components of the inner part.

First is the outer part of the shell,

This shell we have different quality, we usually use the best quality for DMC1 with flame retardant, and some in the market use the DMC3,

The most important part is the trip to the product, which drives the other accessories to work, thus it is cheap in the product.

Another important part is the moving contact and fixed contact. the big differences on the price,

there are always 85%silver, 50%silver and 30%silver or just copper for your choice on the electrical market.

We usually use the 85% silver or for your custimze.

The last important part is about the terminal you see, we use red copper with silver on the surface.

Fachine is one of the leading electrical products manufacturer and supplier in China. So everyone knows the saying that it costs what it values.

Hopeful this helped you make that purchase decision in China.


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