What’s a smart (wifi) circuit breaker and function scope?

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Introduction of Smart Circuit Breaker

Relying on the background of the Internet, smart circuit breaker is an intelligent product under the “intelligent electricity management platform”. Smart circuit breaker not only gets rid of the shortcomings of the traditional circuit breaker, but also conducts uninterrupted data tracking and statistical analysis of wire temperature, current, voltage and power through the Internet of Things technology on its basis, and discovers the safety hazards existing in the electrical circuit and electricity-using equipment promptly.

The smart circuit breaker could prevent and warn the electricity use in advance, from passive to active prevention of electricity use to the accident factors. and avoids the occurrence of fires and electrocution in daily electricity consumption, and realizes intelligent management of electricity consumption.

At all, Intelligent circuit breaker devices are defined as high performance circuit breakers and control devices, equipped with electronics, sensors and actuators, which not only have the basic functions of circuit breakers, but also have additional functions, especially in detection and diagnosis.

Structure of Smart Circuit Breaker

 The smart circuit breaker is an upgrade of the traditional circuit breaker, which is composed of some important mechanical components such as auxiliary contact device, interrupter chamber, silver-graphite static silverpoint, release device, flame-retardant shell, operating handle mechanism, contact pull spring, short-circuit electromagnetic release, transformer, overload metal sheet, etc. Compared with the traditional circuit breaker, it greatly enhances the safety mechanism of electricity.

The design principles and functions of the smart circuit breaker

Structure of the Smart Circuit Breaker

Protecting people

1. short circuit protection

When the real-time current exceeds 3.5 ~ 6 times the rated current, the intelligent cloud circuit breaker trips within 0.5 seconds; when the current exceeds 6 times, it trips within 0.1 seconds.

2. leakage protection

Real-time detection of zero line current by professional leakage detection coil, when leakage current ≥ 25mA, tripped within 0.04 seconds.

3.Leakage Damage Alarm

Smart cloud circuit breakers have a leakage protection function that alerts in the app when this function is damaged.

3.scheduled leakage self-test

A smart cloud circuit breaker can be set to perform leakage self-monitoring function on a certain day, time and minute every month, and keep the circuit breaker open or closed; if there is no leakage, the circuit breaker will return to its original state after self-test. 

5. Maintenance Model

Manual closing of the circuit breaker will enter the maintenance mode, the electric button will not work, the circuit breaker will not be able to close remotely (mobile APP or platform), after the manual closing of the circuit breaker will resume the normal remote function.

WIFI Circuit Breaker

Protecting the equipment.

1. overcurrent protection

Smart circuit breaker can customize overload current size to achieve overcurrent protection.

2. overvoltage protection

If the voltage exceeds 250V, APP alarm alerts that the voltage exceeds 270V, the alarm will be triggered after 5 seconds and the gate will be tripped. Automatically closes after 25 seconds after voltage returns to normal.

3. undervoltage protection

If the voltage is lower than 195V, the APP alarm will remind you that the voltage is lower than 175V, and the alarm will be triggered after 5 seconds. After the voltage returns to normal, it will close automatically after 25 seconds.

4. phase failure protection

After the occurrence of no voltage, low voltage or a circuit break in one of the three phases of the power supply, the APP / Smart Power Management System sends an alarm alert until the maintenance disarms.

5. zero-out protection

Alarm alerts from the APP / Smart Electricity Management System when the zero wire in the three-phase, four-wire circuit is disconnected, until the maintenance disarms.

6. three-phase imbalance

In a three-phase power supply, when the current (or voltage) amplitude of the three phases is not consistent and the amplitude difference exceeds a specified range, the APP / smart electricity management system sends an alarm alert until the maintenance disarms.

Protecting the Environment.

1. minimum power protection

The function can turn on or off for your choice and also can freely set the minimum power of the smart circuit breaker, it will alarm once the power is lower than the set value, and can be set whether to open the gate and set the delay alarm time.

2. temperature protection

The smart breaker internal temperature reaches 70 degrees alarm, the APP will alert, while it reaches 85 degrees, and the hardware will shutdown.

Smart Circuit Breaker Application Scope

1、Smart City

As the underlying power distribution infrastructure, smart circuit breakers can be used in the various power consumption fields of smart cities.

2、Intelligent Fire Fighting

Accurate real-time statistics of electricity consumption for lighting, appliances, air conditioning, and other equipment to identify unreasonable electricity consumption. Identify, locate, analyze, and prevent the occurrence of dangerous fires and other problems.

3、Intelligent Community

Real-time collection of the operating status of controlled equipment, automatic alarm and warning according to preset values. By pushing alarm information such as high cable temperature, power abnormality through SMS, App, web terminal, etc., managers can quickly understand the cause of the fault, precisely locate the fault location, and improve the response speed of safety events.

Factories are units with high power consumption, which cannot be neglected in terms of safe power consumption. Intelligent circuit breaker can provide efficient power consumption management and enhance safe power consumption mechanism. Real-time monitoring of the back-end power equipment, recommended limited current, freedom to set the circuit break time, to ensure safety and achieve energy saving at the same time.

5、Smart Campus

It monitors and handles electrical faults in real time through the power-use detection platform or mobile app, and transmits alarms and load information to the power-use management personnel in real time, so that the school can immediately and comprehensively grasp the abnormal power-use alarms and prevent electrical fires to the maximum extent.

6、Application at household

The household power distribution equipment is an indispensable link, and the intelligent circuit breaker has a high breaking capacity, continuously and stably guarding the household core electricity safety. Real-time monitoring equipment failure to alarm or trip, to prevent a household electrical fire.

Smart circuit breaker on distribution Box
1P-4P wifi Circuit breaker


With the rapid development of microcomputer technology, microelectronics technology, computer network, and digital communication technology, as well as the application of artificial intelligence technology in product research and development and research fields, the smart circuit breaker will develop from a simple microcomputer control to replace the traditional relay function of a single closed device, to an electrical intelligent system with a complete theoretical system and multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary, and become a new development direction of electric power switchgear, power system relay protection, industrial supply, and distribution systems and industrial control network technology in the field of electrical engineering.

With intelligent circuit breaker technology, for non-fault operation, the circuit breaker can be disconnected at a lower speed, reducing the impact of the circuit breaker disconnecting force and mechanical wear and tear, thereby increasing the service life of the circuit breaker, to achieve better economic and social benefits in engineering.

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